Considering Letting Go of SoH And just Blog From Mikel’s Journal

Author Mikel, Cartoon Version

Greetings Everyone! My hopes are you are having a pleasant day. ☺

I have been considering for about 6 months now letting go of Soulja of Hope⧉ I have till April before I am scheduled to renew the domain for S.o.H. I’m considering rebranding S.o.H to be a more personal expereince where I share about living for Jesus Christ and all the ups and downs that come with the Christian lifestyle.

Many individuals have the notion once you ask Jesus Christ, into your life that life becomes perfect and you must act perfect… For the last 7 years I have tried to be just real with others and be open and transparent with others living as a Christian and 7 years ago I started out with Soulja 4 Christ, and last year the name became Soulja of Hope. But to me the platform doesn’t fit the personalized aspect I have always wanted to achieve. I mean if I went to the S.o.H website as a reader and not the author I would assume by the name alone the website is about teaching about how to live for Jesus Christ, when actually I have from the beginning sat out for it to be a personalized journal form but I was too shy to be real in this aspect.

Towards the end of 2020 I was healed by Jesus Christ to not be shy anymore so now I am considering letting go of S.o.H so I can approach sharing about God from a more personalized experience for the reader. My main goal which I have struggle to convey these last 7 years is the realness of Jesus Christ from a relationship aspect. Deep down if it is still through S.o.H or at Mikel’s Journal my personal journal blog I just want to rep Jesus Christ, to the core I will need to keep praying about this.


Father God (Abba) Recently you approached me to walk away from the S.o.H platform because I was spending many hours researching to write posts about Jesus and the platform has quite a few drafts but Lord it was starting to feel like a chore and I got caught up posting for the sake of posting content so S.o.H would gain followership and yes I have repented from this wrongful behavior and Lord, when you asked me to walk away to focus on you more with a humble attitude of worship unto you Father God. I didn’t know if I you Lord was going to allow me to go back to the S.o.H platform or if the season was over with? I still don’t know that answer but I do know after being on bed rest for little over a month now and after our many conversations I can say I am ready to bring forth the journal aspect I sat out to complete 7 years ago and I don’t know if S.o.H blog or this blog Mikel’s Journal, is the right place to journal. Lord I need your help to figure that out. Amen.

I encourage to continue the conversation in the comment section.

Question: If you are a reader of Soulja of Hope what are your thoughts about the news of possibly shouting down S.o.H

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