I Started The Restart Process In My Life

Greetings Everyone! ☺

Author Notes: I started out this post as a journal entry and the Holy Spirit took over and turned this post into an invitation to seek the Father of our souls in Heaven.

I recently went to God, because my life was such a mess. I told God that my life was so derailed that I didn’t believe I could return to living for Jesus Christ, Recently I was crying out from the recliner chair to God pouring my honest felt feelings at the time and this strong thought entered into my mind to go to Facebook and when I opened Facebook on my phone the first image said that God invites restarts in life when it helps the person get back on track with God. I still felt as I couldn’t be forgiven but again that was my feeling not how God was feeling.

I had to get past the feeling of feeling unforgivable… John 3 :16⧉ states that Jesus Christ, died for humanity to be forgiven so, according to the bible my feelings of being unforgivable wasn’t aligning with the bible. But why? was I feeling this way? Well, it is because at the age of 16 Jesus overturned God’s righteous judgement against me and had me spared from remaining in hades (literal hell) I get that many don’t believe their is an actual hell but I have been there so I am convinced but, the reason I felt unforgivable recently is because shortly after I regained life back here on earth with my earthly body I started to run from God again.

Yep, you guessed it right if you are a S.o.H reader I was authoring the blog while only giving just a enough of me to appear as a Christian. I was blinded because I thought I was living the Christian life honoring God, I was flat out playing church and leaving God at the church doors during the rest of the week. I agree shame on me, but the great news I want to tell everyone is the very same God in Heaven that said I could have a restart is willing to give even you a restart yes! →YOU←

God dearly cares for each of our souls that is why the truest Soulja of Hope, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for our sins. If you are having a hard time believing what I am saying here then please consider this when I was in hell and Jesus Christ spared me and gave me a second chance here on earth Jesus knew when I was 16 I was going to run from God until I became 42 but yet Jesus still honored the action of the cross to spare me even though I was going to betray Him for many years to come.

God truly loves each of you and desires to have a relationship with you and not just a religious type but a child that seeks the unconditional love from their parent type. God wants to have a meaningful relationship with you! He doesn’t want you to try and get yourself ready to receive you He already accepts you! The real question that needs attention here is, are you ready to accept Jesus Christ, into your life?

I Want To Ask Jesus Christ Into My Life

Repeat this prayer out loud! Father God, I (inset your name) come to you with a humble spirit to ask you to accept me right where I am in life, Father God, I forgive others for what they have done just like Jesus Christ, your only son, died on the cross so my sins can be forgiven as well another individuals that willing comes to Jesus Christ. Oh, Father God, I confess with my tongue out loud that Jesus Christ, is the only way to you Father, and I want to live the remaining of my life for Jesus, Lord help me change these aspects in my life. Pause Prayer and confess your sins and addictions and believe God will send the Holy Spirit to Guide you through the hard process to follow the rest of your remaining life here on earth.

Resume prayer! after confessing before the Father’s throne: Father God thank you for hearing what I laid out before your throne I thank you that you are willing to love me and guide me Lord. Please Lord Father of my soul please help me that no matter how hard it becomes to live for Jesus Christ, that the Holy Spirit will guide me through the journey in Jesus mighty name Amen.

Congrats if you just prayed that prayer

If you just prayed that prayer please let me know in the comment section I would love to celebrate with you! ☺ The journey will not be easy at times but it will be worth it in the end when you meet Jesus in Heaven if you stay the journey course and follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I recommend adding a bible app into your phone so you can learn the Father’s heart for your life.

Take Care!


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